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Ascension to Kamikura Shrine

Climbing up to the kami-sama

One does not simply walk into Kamikura-jinja, especially not in summer. Climbing stairs at 36ºC for half an hour might not sound like a clever idea, even more so when those stairs are irregular and deadly. But when you find yourself being overtaken by a group of 70 year olds who are doing the climb with the freshness and spirit of marathon runners, you feel the need to restore your dignity and finish the journey.

Kamikura-jinja is a shrine located on top of a cliff on Gongen-yama mountain. On the top, there is a huge rock, which is an object of worship called "Gotobiki-iwa". It is believed to be the earthly representation of a God. From this spot, travelers can enjoy a majestic panorama view of Shingu City.

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