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Cherry Picking in Tendo Fruit Land

A deliciously delightful day trip to Yamagata

Yamagata produces seventy percent of Japan's famous cherries, and from mid-June to July, you can experience "sakurambo" during the cherry-picking season. The prices vary from orchard to orchard, and it's also dependent on the size of the cherries you want. My friend chose the Tendo Fruit Land as it was easily accessible from Sendai by train, bus, or car. For 2000 yen, we were able to enjoy eating as many of the large Japanese cherries as we could in half hour. There are several shops in the Tendo City area that offer cherry-picking so if you find one that is very busy, just continue down the road and you will find one with fewer people. Here is a list of cherry picking places nearby in Japanese and English. There are several other attractions in the area, such as the Rose Festival at Higashizawa Rose Park if you are lucky enough to arrive in season.