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Hagi, between Mountain and Sea

Travelling along the coast

If you have the opportunity to visit Hagi, small town located in the Yamaguchi Prefecture on the Japanese sea, don't hesitate to go for a stroll along the famous Kikugahama beach which is simply magnificent. At the foot of Shizuki mountain, don't miss the ruins of Hagi castle, relatively stored well and which worth the detour! A beautiful path will lead you until Shizuki summit, once on the top, take a breath and admire the view on Hagi city. 6 kilometers from there is standing the Kasa mountain which is also a volcano and where we can have a walk in the Camellia forest. This place is accessible by bus from Higashi-Hagi station (¥280) until Koshigahama port where some free shuttles bring you to the Camellia forest. If you are brave you can walk from Hagi (2h45).

Despite it appears like an inaccessible place, Hagi won't stop to surprise you. You will come back from there impressed by the beauty of the landscapes, between mountain and sea.

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