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Cute Areas at Fuji-Q Highland

Introducing Gaspard et Lisa and Thomas the Tank Engine

Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park is not only a thrilling place for roller-coaster lovers, but it is also the perfect place to enjoy some free time with your family. Kids and even adults can find plenty of charming places around Fuji-Q Highland, and among the cutest are La ville de Gaspard et Lisa (the French for "Gaspard & Lisa's Town") and Thomas Land, with its brand new attraction, the Thomas Circus.

La ville de Gaspard et Lisa

Gaspard and Lisa are two fictional dogs from the children's book series created by Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensleben. Gaspard (the black dog) and Lisa (the white one) go on various adventures throughout the books, now translated in 15 languages. With a TV series based off the books produced in the UK, the two dogs have become really famous across the world, especially in Japan.

Since its inauguration on 27th July 2013, Gaspard and Lisa's Town has been growing step by step, like a mini-Paris sprawled out near the entrance of Fuji-Q Highland.

In August, a new place will open, also with a French theme: Les Rêves Salon de Thé (literally, "Dreams, Tearoom"). The shop and restaurant will offer a capacity of 105 total seats (89 seats inside and 16 on the terrace).

La ville de Gaspard et Lisa is open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, and entry is free (it is near the entrance of Fuji-Q but not inside it).

Thomas Circus in Thomas Land

<p>Thomas Land is the perfect place for families coming to Fuji-Q: children just love Thomas so much!</p>
Thomas Land is the perfect place for families coming to Fuji-Q: children just love Thomas so much!

Thomas Land is one of the favorite places to go to in Fuji-Q for both children and families, with the main reason probably being that Thomas Land is the first Thomas & Friends theme park in the world. Big and full of activities, Thomas Land is a solid amusement park on it own (although being inside a bigger amusement park). With no less than 11 attractions, 5 monuments, 3 restaurants and 3 shops, Thomas Land won't give you even the slightest chance to be bored.

And from the 25th of July 2015, you will get the chance to test its latest attraction with your little ones: Thomas Circus!

The concept here is to go on a hunt to find all the stamps and complete the sheet you will receive at the beginning of the attraction. Near the Wishing Falls and Lady Topham Hatt’s Pavilion, the Thomas Circus monument will be yet another reason your kids will be excited about going to Thomas Land in Fuji-Q Highland.

If you get a Free Pass for the day, you will be able to do it for free. If that is not the case, the fee is only about 200 yen to enjoy the spacious 184 m² of the Thomas Circus.

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