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The Lake

An encounter with Lake Sai and Lake Motosu

A few minutes after descending from the Fifth Station of Mt. Fuji Subaru Line, my friend and I came upon a fantastic view of Lake Kawaguchi and Lake Sai, two of the five lakes at the northern foothills of the highest mountain in Japan. On our ascent, I didn’t notice the sight; I was only watchful for the peak of Fujisan. But as we were cruising downwards, I was suddenly struck by the scenery. I asked my friend to pull over for a brief stop.

Even without climbing to the top of Fujisan, we were afforded an amazing panorama of cascading mountain peaks, ridges, valleys, and lakes.

Scanning the wide scenery before us, I thought, all of the snow on the great volcano had melted and now dwells, albeit in a different form, in the hearts of the lakes.

I remember a poem I wrote a few years ago:

The Lake

The lake is the heart of the mountains,

The mother of streams, the giver of rivers.

The lake is the mirror of heaven:

On a clear day, it invites you for a swim.

The lake is the crown of the valley,

The reservoir of the purest wealth on earth.

The lake is the kingdom of sounds

Where the faintest cry of a songbird is heard.

The lake is where the clouds dissolve into rain.

It is where the wind reposes and rages.

We drove down to Lake Sai and to Lake Motosu. Along the banks of the lakes, there were people camping, kayaking, fishing, and wind surfing. And along the road, ajisai (hydrangeas) were still in bloom.

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