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Mt. Fuji from Lake Saiko

A sunny afternoon at one of Fujigoko's smaller lakes

I got lucky when my visit to the Fuji five lakes area (Fujigoko) coincided with a bit of sunshine and relatively cloudless skies at Lake Saiko. The other lakes surrounding the base of Mt. Fuji are Lake Kawaguchiko, Lake Shojiko, Lake Motosuko and Lake Yamanakako. Various types of Japanese carp and other fish were put into the lake around the turn of the 19th century, during the Meiji era and today, fishing, swimming and camping in and around the lake is a popular activity with many locals in the area. The fact that the water level of Saiko is consistent with two of the other lakes is strong proof that they are connected via underground water tunnels and once used to form one whole lake a few hundred years back.

Mt. Fuji is best seen from the north-west shore of Lake Saiko. Compared to the other lakes, Lake Saiko strikes a good balance of being peaceful and in tune with nature as well as being easy to access. Sightseeing buses such as the Omnibus and Retro Bus depart from Kawaguchiko station and do a loop around the two lakes. That Lake Saiko offers the opportunity to enjoy Mt. Fuji at leisure has made it one of my favourite spots in the Fujigoko area!

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