A Very Big Rock and Wildflowers

Sightseeing on the Kawakami-Makioka Line in Yamanashi

 By Cathy Cawood   Aug 31, 2016

If you drive to Odarumi-toge to go hiking or visit the Dream Garden on Mount Kitaokusenjodake, keep your eyes open for a very big rock on one side of the road. There is a massive rounded boulder 45 meters high and 27 meters wide that was flung from a nearby volcano some 2 million years ago. Now it looks peaceful, overgrown with trees, ferns, flowers and moss, so that it is hard to imagine its violent arrival. There is a sign in Japanese explaining the details (no English, unfortunately). Take a moment to appreciate the wild flowers beside the road too.

Photography by Cathy Cawood
Japan Travel Partner

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