About Hokkaido
Area:83,424.22 sq. km

In 2014, Hokkaido defended its number 1 position on the annual Prefectural Attractiveness Ranking (conducted by the Brand Research Institute) for the 6th year running, virtually making it a must-visit if you have time. First inhabited by the Ainu people, Hokkaido has its own very unique culture.

Some of the most delicious food in Japan can be found in Hokkaido, including seafood, miso ramen, agricultural products, and meat (especially mutton and lamb).

In terms of places to visit, Hokkaido isn’t just the winter resort many believe it to be, although the slopes in the Niseko area are among the best ski resorts in the world. Escape the heat and enjoy the beautiful lavender fields in Furano in the summer, while the fun Asahiyama Zoo and stunning Shiretoko Peninsula are just two of the many popular tourist destinations of Hokkaido.

Things to Do in Hokkaido

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Abashiri Prison Museum

Doing "hard time" in Hokkaido

Oh. Cant even imagine the life inside it. Of course will be terrible. 😯

Abashiri Sea Ice Museum

Frozen fun on Hokkaido's Northern Frontier

will it be worth visiting the museum only, in summer or so.

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hi.. i will be in sapporo at May 15, 2017. can i have a chance to see the cherry blossom in Kushiro? How to go to that place by JR Hokkaido? Can I? Need your info. Thanks

Sapporo Co-op Markets Kitahiroshima

Fresh Produce between the City and Airport

Gotta go back to hokkaido!