About Ishikawa
Area:4,186.15 sq. km

The opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen route between Nagano and Kanazawa, Ishikawa’s capital, in March 2015 has skyrocketed Ishikawa up the list of popular Japanese tourist destinations; now, Kanazawa can be reached in just under two and a half hours from Tokyo by bullet train.

This means that the breathtaking Kenroku-en is more easily accessible, as is Myoryu-ji (also known as the Ninja Temple).

The view of the Senmaida (1000 Rice Fields) adjacent to the Sea of Japan is absolutely fabulous, while Ishikawa is also home to Mount Maru (one of the Three Holy Mountains of Japan), delicious seafood, and relaxing hot springs, as well as many ski slopes in the winter.

Things to Do in Ishikawa

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East Teashop District, Kanazawa

Stroll through this elegant tea district

Myoryu-ji (Ninja-dera) in Kanazawa

The aptly nicknamed ninja temple

Omi-cho Market, Kanazawa

A vibrant marketplace for fresh seafood and more

Oriental Brewing

Kanazawa City's exciting new craft beer bar and brewery

Community discussion

East Teashop District, Kanazawa

Stroll through this elegant tea district

A lovely old fashion district. Been there in 2013 and looking forward to go visit again if possible this year. And good spot for crafts souvenirs.

21st Century Contemporary Art

Modern art museum for the entire family in Kanazawa

The swimming pool is extremely interesting! :)

Shirayama-hime Shrine

The head of Japan's Shirayama shrines

Thank you for the photos, it looks amazing under snow!
And seems that not so many people visit this place in winter, right? Or it's because it was snowing a lot on that day?

Bamboo Craft Making in Ishikawa

Noto Peninsula traditional art experience

Sounds great for me as I dn't like big cities and touristic "attractions". I enjoyed Nagano a lot, hope to visit Kanazawa next time. Thanks for sharing! :)