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A Roadtrip Through Noto Peninsula

An exploration of Ishikawa's hidden gem

Noto Peninsula, situated in Ishikawa Prefecture on the western coast of Japan, is a destination that captures the essence of traditional Japanese culture, natural beauty, and modern convenience.

This remote region is a treasure trove of scenic wonders, cultural experiences, and culinary delights waiting to be discovered. In this article, we will take you on a tour of Noto Peninsula, showcasing its remarkable sights and attractions. Additionally, we'll explore the various ways you can explore this region, whether by campervan, car, or bicycle, all while having the assistance of AI voice technology at your fingertips.

Watch the Video: Noto Peninsula

Before we dive into Noto’s secrets, watch our video that offers a glimpse into this captivating region and showcases how you might get around Noto’s many regions like Wajima, Suzu and Noto-cho while traversing scenic routes with the Noto AI Assistant guiding the way:

Sightseeing in Noto Peninsula

Ganmon: The Natural Arch Wonder

Ganmon is a natural wonder that resembles an enormous gate that has been sculpted by the sea over thousands of years. It's a spectacular sight, especially during sunrise or sunset, and is sure to leave you in awe.

Koiji Beach: Serene Shorelines

For those seeking tranquility, Koiji Beach offers a serene escape. Its calm waters and picturesque surroundings make it a perfect spot for relaxation and contemplation. Walk out to the miniature Benten Island with its own red torii gate rising from the waters.

Roadside Station Suzu Salt Farm Village

This charming salt farm village offers the chance to experience one of Noto Peninsula's most well-known traditional industries. Explore the museum before partaking in an experience that sees you shadow the salt farmers as they transport water from the sea and take you through the salt production process. Don't forget to bring home some artisanal salt as a souvenir while you’re here!

Ōno Charcoal Kiln: Discover Traditional Charcoal Making

Visit the Ōno Charcoal Kiln, where you can witness the traditional art of charcoal making. It's a fascinating look into a historic craft that's still practiced in the region.

Mitsukejima: Sunset Magic

Mitsukejima is an island known for its striking silhouette, especially during sunset. The view from the mainland as the sun dips below the horizon is a sight to behold.

Tsubaki Lookout Point: Panoramic Vistas

For panoramic vistas of Noto Peninsula's rugged coastline, make your way to Tsubaki Lookout Point. It's an excellent spot for photos and taking in the breathtaking scenery.

Cafe Cove: Coffee With a View

Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at Cafe Cove, where you can savor your beverage while gazing at the sea. It's a serene spot to relax and unwind. Located near the northeastern tip of the peninsula in the Suzu area, Cafe Cove offers an impressive menu of handmade and healthy delights using local ingredients.

Shiroyone Senmaida Rice Terraces: Cultural Heritage

The Shiroyone Senmaida Rice Terraces are a FAO-designated World Agricultural Heritage site. These intricately terraced paddies create a mesmerizing mosaic of greenery and water, with a mesmerising view to be enjoyed from the viewing deck up beside the neighbouring road station.

Nafune Taisai Festival: Summer Revelry

If you happen to visit in August, don't miss the Nafune Grand Festival (Nafunetaisai). It's a lively celebration featuring Gojinjo drum performances and vibrant tall portable shrine/floats parading through the streets, climaxing in a spectacular fireworks display beside the sea.

Kami Tokikuni-ke Residence: Historic Homestead

Step back in time with a visit to the Kami Tokikuni-ke Residence, a well-preserved samurai house that offers a glimpse into the region's feudal past. A member of the Tokikuni family, itself descended from the powerful Taira clan, was banished to this region in the aftermath of the Gempei War back in the 12th century.

Noto Wine Company: A Toast to Noto

Noto Peninsula's vineyards produce some excellent wines. At the Noto Wine Company, you can sample local wines, learn about the winemaking process and explore their spectacular vineyards — that will whisk you away to the heart of sun-drenched, continental Europe.

Besshodake Sky Deck Noto Yumeterasu: Sky-high Views

Climb up to the Besshodake Sky Deck for breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. It's an ideal spot for capturing panoramic photographs and a surprising power spot that can only typically be reached from the Besshodake Service Area (SA) where motorists will be resting.

Access and Suitability for Road Trips

Getting to Noto Peninsula

Noto Peninsula is accessible from Kanazawa, the capital city of Ishikawa Prefecture, which itself is around 3 hours from Tokyo by shinkansen. From Kanazawa, the peninsular is well supported by bus routes and the JR Nanao Line will transport you up through the initial ‘spine’ of the peninsular to Anamizu.

Road Trips: The Freedom to Explore

While a campervan is an excellent way to explore Noto Peninsula, road trips by car are equally suitable. The region offers well-maintained roads, making it easy to access all the mentioned sightseeing spots. What’s more: some of the beaches, like the Chirihama Nagisa Driveway, are open to vehicles too, creating further options during your visit. Cycling enthusiasts will also find the peninsula accommodating, with numerous scenic cycling routes available.

Noto AI Assistant: Your Trusty Guide

Whether you're navigating the winding roads or planning your itinerary, having the Noto AI Assistant on your smartphone can be immensely helpful. It provides reliable information, directions, and recommendations, ensuring you make the most of your Noto Peninsula adventure.

Noto Peninsula, with its blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and modern convenience, promises a unique and unforgettable travel experience. Whether you choose to embark on a road trip, cycle through its picturesque landscapes, or simply savor local cuisine, Noto Peninsula invites you to explore its hidden treasures and embrace the serenity it offers. So, pack your bags, prepare your AI voice assistant, and set off on an adventure you'll cherish for a lifetime.

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