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Abound in an assortment of hip cafes, gift stores, and hairdressers, the Nakazakicho reveals the underbelly of Osaka's youth culture.
This flea market has a variety of traditional goods perfect for gifts, souvenirs or household use.
Find handmake keepsakes at Chion-ji temple markets on the 15th of each month in Kyoto
Dragon Art Kousyuuya is a shop specializing in personalized dragon art. Just steps away from the famous shrines and temples of Nikko, this store is your stop for a one of the kind souvenir. 
Top "Kawaii" Japanese souvenirs to keep or send back home. Loveable, cute, charming, pretty, and darling. There's so much kawaii-ness to be discovered in Japan!
Electronics stores, hundred-yen shops, discount stores, "Creative Life" stores, are some of the shops that visitors will find only in Japan
Wonderful Japanese handicrafts near Shinjuku, just a short way away from Shinjuku Station. You can find there a variety of high quality handicrafts sourced from around Japan. Bingoya’s collection is spread over a standalone five storey shop. Inside there is a mix of creations, such as glassware, metal work and pottery.
Tokyo Okashi Land lives up to its namesake with several concept stores for Japanese confectioners and snack makers; such as Glico and Morinaga. You can also buy freshly-made products at the Calbee and Glico stores. Not only can you shop here, but you can see them make sweets first hand.