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Hiroshima Station along the JR West railway line is more that just a regular train station - It houses a large Japanese souvenir store, coffee shops and even restaurants
Hiroshima Port at Ujina offers convenient access to Matsuyama on Shikoku, and to local islands such as Miyajima.
Onomichi's JR train station is located centrally near town and has a lot on its doorstep to keep you going for a while
Taking the fast boat from Hiroshima Port Ujina Passenger Terminal is a convenient way of getting to Miyajima. It costs 1,800 yen one way.
Travel Western Japan with ease through Mihara Station's straightforward layout while enjoying quirky decorations.   
Fukuyama Station is a train station operated by JR West which connects Fukuyama to Osaka, Hiroshima and other cities in the west of Japan.
Hiroshima's old-fashioned street cars add a classic look to the city center.
A fun afternoon activity to do while in Hiroshima is booking a private catamaran to enjoy the Seto Inland Sea and Miyajima's floating shrine at sunset.