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Uber Ride-Hailing Services Are Now Available in Japan

Another transportation option to help streamline your journey

On Monday, April 8, 2024, Uber Japan launched its ride-hailing service in Japan, which allows people to use their personal vehicles for paid rides.

The government’s decision to partially lift the ban on ride-hailing services is meant to supplement the taxi industry in urban areas and tourist hotspots where taxi driver shortages can be an issue. The ride-hailing operations are managed by taxi companies, and Uber Japan serves as a platform to connect drivers (employed by taxi companies) with customers.

Where can you use these services?

The ride-hailing services are available in parts of Tokyo, Kyoto, Kanagawa, and Aichi Prefectures during select hours when taxis are less accessible. In May and thereafter, Uber Japan aims to expand its service area. The company also plans to gradually increase the number of vehicles in service.

How do you use the ride-hailing service?

Customers need to make a reservation through a ride-hailing app (Google and Apple) and provide their departure and arrival points, as well as decide fares. The Uber app is available in 50 languages, making it a great option for both residents and foreign tourists.

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