Photo: Cory Schadt / Unsplash
Photo: Cory Schadt / Unsplash
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Tokyo One of the World's Most Walkable Cities

A great motivator to explore the metropolis on foot

While Tokyo is undoubtedly renowned for its extensive and efficient train network, there's another way of getting around that deserves some praise–exploring on foot. Despite being one of the largest metropolises in the world, Tokyo offers pedestrian-friendly streets and neighborhoods, making it one of the most walkable cities on the planet.

This was affirmed by recent results of an Australian-based study from Compare the Market, which saw Tokyo take 6th place on their World's Most Walkable Cities list. Notably, Japan's capital was the only non-European city on the list, making the honor all the more significant.

Photo: Breakify / Unsplash

The results were based on several key metrics:

  • Bike Trail Distance – The total distance of all bike trails listed on BikeMap.
  • Number of Walking Trails – The number of walking trails listed on AllTrails.
  • Safety Score – A numerical value representing the overall level of safety within each city.
  • Public Transport Ticket – The cost of a one-way ticket on public transport in each city.
  • Public Transport Score – A percentage score based on transit density, efficiency, and public transport utilization rate.
  • Average Monthly Rainfall – The average monthly rainfall, in millimeters, in each city.
  • Car-free Places – The percentage of residents who live within 100 meters of a car-free place such as a park.
  • People Near Services – The percentage of residents who live within a 1 kilometer walk of healthcare and education.

More information about the sources used can be found on the Compare The Market website here.

How do you find Tokyo stacks up against other cities you've traveled to with its walkability? How do you prefer getting around when you travel? Let us know in the comments below!

Getting there

You can explore the World's Most Walkable Cities list (and the world's least walkable cities, too!) via the Compare The Market website here.

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