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The John Lennon Museum

The John Lennon Museum

Allan Murphy

Construction of the John Lennon Museum in Omiya, Saitama (near Tokyo), began in 1998 and the museum opened on October 9, 2000 ..

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Medaka Exhibition 8

Medaka Exhibition

Sherilyn Siy

At the Medaka Exhibition, enthusiasts show off artistic ways to display this Japanese rice fish. You can participate in a meda..

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Moomin Valley Park Grand Opening

Moomin Valley Park Grand Opening

Mar 16th 2019

On March 16, 2019, Saturday, the Moomin Valley Park is finally opening. Unlike Disneyland, Moomin Valley Park puts emphasis on the..

Saitama ¥1,500
Hydrangea Season at Nogoji Temple

Hydrangea Season at Nogoji Temple

Early - Late Jun

Each year during the month of June, Saitama's Nogoji Temple is home to an impressive rainy season sight - around 8000 hydrangeas..

Saitama 4 ¥300
Metsä Village 9

Metsä Village

Sherilyn Siy

Opened last November 2018, Metsä Village is the place to experience the Scandinavian lifestyle -- cozy, relaxed, mindful, clos..

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