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Iwate Prefecture Top 10 Attractions

Iwate Prefecture is the second largest prefecture in Japan home to historically significant destinations, rich natural landscapes, and a variety of rural towns and villages.

Genbikei Gorge

Most people go to Hiraizumi for the temples listed as World Heritage Sites. However, you can’t go to this area and miss seeing this stunning gorge.

Hiking Mount Iwate

Mount Iwate is 2,038 meters tall and can be accessed from 6 different trails. I have always hiked it from the East side via a trail called "umagaeshi", which means "where horses turn around".

Kitakami River Rubber Boat Race

An annual rubber race down the Kitakami River in Morioka. You can enter as a competitor or simply as a slow cruise down the river and enjoy the scenery. This perspective of the river is only available once a year. The rest of the year the river is off limits for pleasure boating.

Amihari Ski Resort and Hotel

Amihari Resort and Hotel, a great place to enjoy nature and treat yourself to great food and hot springas as well as ski, snowboard and hiking. It's available at any time of the year.