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Zao Kitsune Mura is a "village" filled with a large number of free roaming foxes near Shiroishi in Miyagi Prefecture. Loads of fun, and at times scary, this is a unique experience you won't find anywhere else.  
Cat Island, otherwise known as Tashirojima, is located 50 min by ferry south of Miyagi's Ishinomaki area.
Nametsu Waterfall (滑津大滝) in Shichikashuku Town is considered one of the top 10 waterfalls in Miyagi Prefecture. At the bottom the grassy river basin is dotted with golden flowers, creating a picturesque scene.
Miyagi Prefecture is a place of great natural beauty; Sendai, the capital, has often been affectionately called the “City of Trees,” and the prefecture is known for its beautiful coastline, seafood and agricultural products.
The Aoba Matsuri is Sendai's largest festival after Tanabata. A samurai procession, dancers, and various events can be enjoyed for one weekend each May near Kotodai Park.  
Come visit a Cat Island in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. Tashirojima is the place to feed and play with cats, stay in Cat Cabins, and even pay your respects to the cat shrine.
Ice Rink Sendai is an ice skating rink a ten minute bus ride from the Izumi Chuo Subway Station. It is the only ice rink in the city and has had former Olympians skate on its ice. 
Ogawara, Miyagi Prefecture is famous for its "1000 Cherry Trees at a Glance" which bloom early to mid April each year.