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Fast food, Nagoya style!

By Chris Glenn    - 3 min read

Japanese have for many years been champions in American Hot Dog Eating Championships. Here’s a place to champion too, arguably Japan’s best hot dog restaurant, Saucisses in Nagoya.

Many Japanese attempts at creating western style food ends up as a very poor substitute for the real thing, (eg, pizzas with squid and corn,…I rest my case!) however Saucisses could give even the western hot dog specialists a run for their money!

About 300 meters north of Nagoya’s TV Tower, along the western side of the centrally located tree filled Hisaya Odori park is one of Nagoya’s best loved fast food outlets. Since 1987 Saucisses home made hot dogs, coffee and ice cream have been a favorite of the locals, and many expats too.

Ten different types of home made hot dogs, seven types of home made hamburger with many different toppings and fillings, seven original sandwich variations, nine delicious side order menu items and a wide range of beers and soft drinks keeps Saucisses at the forefront of hungry people’s minds. All this from the one tiny store!

The most popular of the home made Hot Dogs is the Spicy Dog, made with a frank-type spicy sausage with a hint of garlic, followed by the Standard Hot Dog, featuring a French styled sausage on a soft, slightly toasted roll, a little saurkraut and mustard to top it off.

Sandwiches, it’s a toss up between Boneless Ham and the Roast Beef at number one, with Bacon and Egg as the second most popular, while the Rich and Basic hamburgers are the most ordered. Rich Hamburgers give you six choices of toppings, including bacon and cheese, chili and tomato, bacon and egg, however more can be added to order.

Side orders include salads sausages and best of all, Saucisses original fried potato.

Fried potato to die for! Honestly, I would challenge anybody to come up with a better chip, or French-fry, or fried potato, whatever you want to call it, than what Saucisses has on offer. The Saucisses team have perfected the blend of salt and pepper sprinkled, perfectly fried potato fry! We dare you to stop at a single small serve! You’ll be going back to order another serve!

Prices range from 315 Yen for a single large serve of fried potato, up to 714 Yen for a Spicy Sausage Set, the average menu price being around 450 Yen.

Seven tables fill the small dining area behind the narrow kitchen and three or four outdoor table settings for street side dining are available on a first come basis.

Saucisses also runs a free dial a delivery service for orders over 850 Yen to homes and offices, available throughout the Nagoya city central district, a wide area that belies Saucisses small size but obvious great popularity. Lunchtimes between 12 and 1pm, Saucisses becomes so busy, they often have to suspend delivery services, so it’s best to phone in your order early.

When Nagoya thinks hot dog, Nagoya thinks Saucisses!

You should think about that when you’re hungry!

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Chris Glenn

Chris Glenn @chris.glenn

Chris Glenn is an Australian born radio DJ, TV presenter, helicopter pilot, and advertising copywriter. A follower of samurai culture , he is a member of the Japan Armor and Weapons Research and Preservation Society, has black-belt in Kendo, 2nd black-belt in Chanbara sword fighting disciplines, and currently studies Shinkage and Enmei Ryu techniques. A long term resident of Japan, he is extremely passionate about preserving and promoting Japanese history and culture.

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Mackenzie Scott 8 years ago
"Japadog" is a hit in Vancouver, Canada, selling gourmet hotties with Japanese toppings from street corners downtown. Huge line-ups. They started a few years ago from a single cart, and now have their own stores and international expansion plans. This kind of business is booming.