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Shopping at Nadya Park

If it's not here, you didn't really want it anyway

  One of Nagoya’s most visible landmarks is the huge Nadya Park complex. It’s one of the largest and most distinctive buildings in the city, and one of the most popular for shopping and business. Nadya Park made a noticeable difference to the Nagyan skyline since it’s opening in 1996. The office and shopping complex was designed by a Nagoya based American architect, Michael Weenick, and was born from an idea to promote Nagoya as a Design City, following a very successful Design Expo held in 1988. Listed on the World Skyscraper database, architecturally, it’s an exciting building, and worth going to see for that alone!

  The name “Nadya” Park stands for Nagoya Design, Youth and Amusement. It was built in the southern area of Nagoya’s CBD, in effect, rejuvenating and bringing with it prosperity to the area. The center is always teeming with life and has added a certain youthful feel to the southern district. Access to Nadya park is by foot, and only a few minutes walk from the subway

   The Nadya Park complex consists of the Business Center Building, a 114 meter tall, 23 floor skyscraper tower, home to over 40 companies and offices, ranging from cosmetics to housing design companies, real estate appraisers and more. Shops include the lifestyles department store LOFT. There’s an L.L. Bean outlet, Kinokuniya Bookstore, and a wide variety of specialty stores, fashion outlets, cafes and restaurants.

  To it’s west is the high rise Design Center Building, standing 78 meters high with 12 floors.  The design center is the headquarters for the Nagoya Fashion Association and Nagoya Industries promotion offices. contains a museum and design gallery, conference and meeting rooms, a café, a reference center and the Artpia Hall venue. Artpia Hall contains five lecture rooms, three music rooms, three rehearsal spaces, and editing and meeting room, and studios. It’s the offices for the Youth Cultural Center office, and the Nagoya City Cultural Promotion Agency Offices. Shops include fashion, accessories and specialty shops, as well as cafes and small eateries.

  A large 50 meter high glass and steel atrium connects the two tower buildings. This wide and high atrium space is a popular venue for events and special shows, particularly during the cold winters and blistering hot Nagoyan summers, as it provides a spacious and comfortable setting.

  You’ll enjoy the architecture, you’ll enjoy the events in the atrium, and you’ll enjoy shopping at Nagoya’s landmark Nadya Park. If you can’t find what you want at Nadya Park and Loft, then you didn’t really want it anyway!

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