The Beauty of Nagoya Castle

Tourist attraction with a lot of history

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Nagoya Castle’s main concrete keep is to be reconstructed until sometime in 2022 and cannot be entered anymore. Demolition of the keep is expected from autumn 2019.

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There are many castles across Japan, but one to remember is the Nagoya Castle. Not only is the architecture majestic, but the castle yard is beautifully landscaped. When you visit the castle, you can experience what life was like for the 400 plus years that the structure has existed. Every floor has something more appealing to the visitor. You can sit on the full scale replica of the golden Kinshachi (you can find out what that is when you go), and try pulling rope tied to a huge stone to see how stones were transported back then. On the same premises is the equally beautiful Hommaru Palace, which though under reconstruction, is still open to the public. All in all, you just can’t miss if you visit the Nagoya Castle. It is old world architectural beauty that has been carefully preserved.

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