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JCB: A Credit Card for your Travels in Japan and Beyond

Make your tour more convenient

JCB is Japan’s biggest homegrown credit card and only international card, with 101 million cardmembers and accepted by 32 million merchants worldwide. Being a Japan-based card, it has special promotions and perks that will support you on your travels in Japan with specific deals, discounts, and travel tools.

Airport aid

From the moment that you land in Japan, JCB has you covered with discount and free bus tickets to the city center. From Tokyo Narita International Airport, Kansai International Airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport, and New Chitose Airport, if you use your JCB card to purchase limousine bus tickets into the city, you can receive 20% off. At the Fukuoka Airport’s international terminal, you can even get a free Nishitetsu Airport Bus ticket into town with your JCB card and international airline ticket stub. Plus, JCB offers a coupon booklet that can be used in conjunction with your card to receive discounts at select airport shops (such as the ANA Duty Free Shop) all over the country, including Narita, Haneda, Chubu, Kansai, Chitose, and Fukuoka.

Getting plugged in

Before hopping onto the bus into town, you can also use your JCB card to get a discount on pocket Wi-Fi rental with JCB GLOBAL Wi-Fi to use during your trip, enabling smooth internet access during your entire stay, not just when you’re in your hotel. You can also get free extended access to more than 200,000 Wi-Fi hotspots via the TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi app (available on iOS/Android). JCB cardmembers also can get free access to the Wi2 300 service, which supports computers, notebooks, game consoles and other operating systems, for 7 days with a special premium code.

Sightseeing support

To make the rest of your trip go smoothly, JCB offers a smartphone application called JCB Japan Guide that has city maps and handy tips, as well as built-in deals and offers for cardmembers, so that you can save as you go. JCB also supports your sightseeing by offering 30% off at Tokyo Tower, and more. You can also check out JCB Plaza Web and Tabilaba (Japan) for offers at your next destination.

Shopping for souvenirs gets easier too, with 5% off at Marui department stores and Takeya discount stores, as well as some of Japan’s major electronics stores. Also, with every 20,000 yen spent, you can enter into a lottery to win gift cards valued up to 20,000 yen.

JCB Tabilaba is an improved, more user-friendly service to introduce JCB special offers in Japan. Easier for you to find the offers you want for dining, shopping and leisure, and travel tips to make your trip to Japan the best it can be.

JCB Japan Guide

JCB PLAZA Web - Guide to Special Offers Abroad


Assistance on demand

If you have questions about your card or need assistance or even travel advice, the 24 hour toll-free helpline has language support in English, Chinese, and Korean in addition to Japanese. JCB PLAZA Tokyo and JCB PLAZA Kyoto offers in-person assistance with your cards as well as reservation support and sightseeing suggestions, guidebooks, travel materials, and free Wi-Fi, mobile phone charging, and a left luggage counter. JCB also has around 10 language versions of their website (e.g. English version) that detail cardmember benefits and outlines promotions and services. Of course, there are deals and promotions outside of Japan too, for wherever your travels may take you.

If you’re looking for a card that is recognized, trusted, and widely accepted in Japan to support your trip, JCB can help your trip run smoothly, allowing you to worry less and have more fun.

JCB Plaza Call Center- toll-free service

JCB PLAZA in Japan

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Thanks for this! I have been wanting to look more into this

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