A Month as an Intern

In the buzzing and eccentric city of Tokyo

By Jeradyne Cheong    - 3 min read

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to do a photojournalism internship program with JapanTravel for a month and man, where do I even begin?

Way before travelling became a trend (and almost a necessity) in recent years, I always dreamed of going to Japan right from a very young age for a combination of simple reasons – I love Japanese food, I watched a lot of anime classics while growing up, my obsession with Japan’s cute packaging on everything and my intense love for cats – and Japan just always seemed right for me.

One of my favourite experiences was going to the ever so famous Tsukiji Fish Market. Knowing that it was going to be permanently relocated in preparation of the 2020 Olympics, I felt especially fortunate to have visited before that happened and needless to say, tasted the freshest tuna belly ever.

The annual Sanja Matsuri festival was definitely another highlight – the people’s “genki” spirit was truly a sight to behold! To open myself up to a completely different culture was something very refreshing for me.

Of course there was also the eating, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Being a bit of a foodie myself, I’ve always loved looking for places to eat and doing that in Japan was such a tasty experience. From quirky cafés in Shimokitazawa to the underground izakaya bar in Shibuya and mouth-watering half baked cheese tarts from Pablo, everything I ate in Tokyo was crazy delicious.

This internship has given me a taste of what it is like to live in a city as great as Tokyo, and I loved every moment of it. From commuting and interacting with the locals to admiring the city lights and exploring the back alleys, every little detail felt exciting and worth exploring. My time in Tokyo was nothing short of amazing and I don’t think a month in my life has ever passed by so quickly.

I’m truly grateful for this experience with Japan Travel and the team that helped make this journey complete. To be able to build a portfolio of photographs, articles and videos for myself all in the process of having so much fun was more than a dream come true.

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Jeradyne Cheong

Jeradyne Cheong @siew.mun.cheong

Passionate amateur photographer who is slightly obsessed with Instagram. On a quest to collect new experiences and make new memories.

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Crystal Fang a year ago
Hi Jeradyne, can I ask for some tips or advice for applying for this internship?
Relinda Puspita 3 years ago
Nice experience.
Jeradyne Cheong Author 3 years ago
It was wonderful =)
Corinna David 3 years ago
I hope, wish and pray that I also get to be selected as an intern. I love Japan. I agree that food is yummy in Tokyo! My tummy is prepared to go back to my favorite travel destination! :)
Jeradyne Cheong Author 3 years ago
Good luck! It was my first time there and it definitely did not disappoint =)