Peach Picking at Misaka Farm 'Grape House'

The summer peach picking season has begun

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Fruit-picking is a popular activity in Japan. Yamanashi Prefecture, especially, is known as the 'Kingdom of Fruit' due to its mass production of grapes, peaches, and plums all year-round. The very popular peach picking season begins late June and usually ends late August.

At Misaka Farm in Fuefuki, Yamanashi, the fruits you can pick will depend on the season. For example, from mid-July through to mid-November, Misaka Farm is known as the 'Grape House' because of its grapes.

This visit, though, is for Misaka Farm's peaches. Upon arriving at the farm, the staff were very helpful and friendly. Everyone greets you with a smile as soon as you arrive. You then ride a shuttle bus that will take you farther into the farm so that you can begin picking fruit.

The peach trees ready to be picked
The peach trees ready to be picked

The trees are full of a variety of peaches that are ready to pick. The staff gives you directions on how to properly pick them too. For example, you can only pick two peaches at a time and if you would like to get more, they are available for purchase at the store. There are even ladders that you can climb to try and get the peaches that are higher up in the trees.

Types of Peaches to Pick

A juicy peach hanging from its tree
A juicy peach hanging from its tree

Peaches on the farm come in all kinds of sizes, ranging from small to big. The bigger peaches tend to be higher up in the trees. A red peaches mean that it is ripe and ready to eat. A peach that still has some green on it means it is close to being ripe - you'll need to give it a couple of days before it becomes ripe enough to eat.

Once you are finished picking your peaches, the staff member ties the bag in a fascinating way for you. The shuttle bus will then come to pick you up and bring you back to the main gate. The staff member during my visit was really friendly and waved as the bus was pulling away.

All You Can Eat Peaches

You can eat as many peaches as you want for about 20-30 minutes. The place is similar to a cafeteria and is close to the main gate and souvenir shop. They even have fresh pineapple available for you to eat. You must peel and cut the peaches yourself. On the way to the dining area, you can walk through beautiful grapevines hanging above your head.

Fruit picking, no matter the season, is a fun experience and if you like your peaches, then now is the time to head off to Misaka Farm in Yamanashi.

Getting there

The nearest station is Isawa-Onsen Station on the JR Chuo Line. From the station, it is a 10-15 minute car ride or taxi ride or a 15-minute bus ride. Get off at Natsume bus stop.

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