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Yuzu Jam

Elevate your bread or scones, make yuzu tea, and more

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Head to just about any hotel breakfast buffet in Japan, and you'll be greeted with some unique options. Menu items like miso soup, grilled salmon, and pickled veggies are often par for the course, but if you're after something more Western-inspired, you'll typically find bread and jam available too. One type of jam option you may not have tried before is yuzu jam (sometimes referred to as yuzu marmalade), which is made from this prolific citrus fruit with East Asian origins.

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Uses for Yuzu Jam

Yuzu jam can be used in a variety of ways, as you would with regular marmalade – for instance, on bread or scones. This online recipe also recommends it to enhance sauces like teriyaki sauce for a bit of extra zing.

In Korea, yuzu jam is commonly mixed with hot water to make what's called yuja-cha, or yuzu tea (yuja is the Korean word for yuzu), so if you're after a warming drink for the winter months be sure to give it a try.

Yujacha is a Korean drink made using yuzu jam
Yujacha is a Korean drink made using yuzu jam (Photo: FotoosVanRobin / CC BY-SA 2.0)

More about yuzu

Yuzu growing in Tokyo

Tokyo's Tama region is the center for yuzu growing in the prefecture, with orchards in Ome, Akiruno, and Hachioji to name a few. There is even a specific yuzu species native to the Ome area - it's the Sawai yuzu, which is characterized by its thick skin, rugged appearance, and incredible scent.

Tokyo's yuzu growing is centered in the Tama region, including Ome, Akiruno, and Hachioji
Tokyo's yuzu growing is centered in the Tama region, including Ome, Akiruno, and Hachioji (Photo: Google Maps)

Yuzu outside of the greater Tokyo area

The number one prefecture for yuzu production is Kochi -- in fact, they account for 52% of Japan's national yuzu supply! This JapanTravel tour shines a spotlight on not just yuzu but some other of Kochi's food specialties if you're interested in learning more.

Finding yuzu jam outside Japan

Amazon is always an easy way to find international products, and they do stock yuzu jam - although it's at quite a markup to what you'd expect in Japan. Checking at Asian grocers is also recommended, and along with yuzu jam you can often find other products containing yuzu such as ponzu, a citrus-based sauce which is often used in Japanese cuisine.

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DIY yuzu jam recipes

If you're able to find yuzu in your home country, there are a variety of yuzu jam recipes online. Simply do a Google search and you'll find a myriad of options!

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Susan Tumanon a week ago
I love Yuzu jam! It's also a great drink during winter time. Just add hot water to get your dose of vitamin C and keep the colds away.
Elena Lisina 2 weeks ago
Isn't this an orange?
Kim Author 2 weeks ago
A different citrus fruit :)
Sleiman Azizi 2 weeks ago
This is great. Yuzu and its flavour is most excellent!
Kim Author 2 weeks ago
Agreed! I've heard some people describe it as having floral notes, and I'd agree - definitely a unique flavor!