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The museum wrapped around the old Kawasaki Bank building

Chitabashi Art Museum Dream

The best of Itabashi and Chiba Art Museums in Chiba

By Elizabeth S    - 1 min read
Venue: Chiba City Museum of Art When: Jun 1st - Jun 23rd 2019, 10:00am - 5:00pm

For just 23 days in June the Chiba City Museum of Art combines the best of its collection with Itabashi Art Museum for a splendid display of Edo and Meiji Period paintings. Imagine you combined Itabashi and Chiba, you would get Chitabashi, a dream world of the best of two collections.

If you don’t know the names, you probably know the images. The master who created the powerful Wind God and Thunder God image on a folding screen, Tawaraya Sotatsu, is represented in this exhibition, as are many of the artists of the Rinpa School. Many of these artists produced grand decorative works on byobu folding screens and scrolls. The images in the combined collections reveal birds, flowers and characters from Buddhist and popular culture of the day.

When you visit the Chiba City Museum of Art, linger on the first floor before or after you see the exhibition. The 90s era hall envelops the antique Kawasaki Bank building erected in 1927, one of the few vintage structures in the city.

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Elena Lisina a year ago
The building looks different, indeed. I'll stay in Chiba just one day in July, so can't visit this exhibition, alas! What is the main exposition in that museum?
Elena Lisina a year ago
Thank you, Elizabeth! I never had time for museums visiting Japan, but I bet July will be too hot for spending all time outdoors or in onsen! )))