Fuse Benten Temple

Flow and beauty at a goddess’ temple

By Elizabeth S    - 1 min read

Perhaps you have visited the Bentendo at Shinobazu Pond in Ueno, or Enoshima, the island in Kanagawa Prefecture dedicated to Benzaiten. Fuse Benten, also known as Tokaiji Temple, is one more Benzaiten temple to see this goddess.

This temple, properly called Koryuzan Fuse Benten Tōkai-ji, is popularly known as Fuse Benten. It is celebrated as one of the Kanto Three Benzaiten temples. It is said that the Buddhist scholar Kukai was ordered by the emperor in 807 to build a temple on this site. At this Shingon Buddhist sect temple, Benzaiten, the only female member of the Seven Gods of Good Fortune, is enshrined here. She is the personification of the flow of water and words. Fusebenten is a popular pilgrim destination in spring when visitors can see cherry trees laden with blossoms, and as a place to welcome the new year. Make a day trip of your visit by strolling through Akebonoyama Agricultural Park.

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