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Hiking Mount Nokogiri

Trekking in rural Chiba

Mount Nokogiri is a popular tourist site. Reaching the mountain is quite easy by ropeway, as discussed in this article. Additionally, the temple at the top of the mountain is worth a trip.

However, if you find yourself less interested in taking the ropeway and more interested in sweating it out to the top, there are a few trails that you can take. From Hamakanaya station, there are two trails that lead directly out of the town. They are a bit difficult to find, so grabbing one of the free maps at one of the nearby shops is a good idea. The trails start out on a normal road, so they can be easy to miss! Look for the meat shop, which is the marker to start heading up towards the mountain. These pictures are from the forest trail, which took about 2 hours to summit. Once on the trail, its almost a straight shot to the top!

For more pictures of the mountain, check out this photo story.

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