Lotus Flowers at Chiba Koen

A park to enjoy lotus flowers before summer sets in

 By Manish Prabhune   Jan 31, 2013

Around mid July to early August, the Chiba Park pond is a beautiful sight with pink lotus flowers in full bloom in hundreds. A 2 minute walk from the Chiba Koen station on the Chiba Urban Monoral station, the park has particularly beautiful landscaping, ponds and boat rides. Visitors can also submit haiku (short poem) or photographs to the Chiba Park office.

Photography by Manish Prabhune
Japan Travel Member

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Victoria Vlisides 2 years ago
Amazing! Do you know if you can still see them now??
Victoria Vlisides 2 years ago
Really? Actually I live in Chiba, so I will try there first :0 Thank you... I guess there's always next year haha, though.
Shaymaa Barakat 2 years ago
Seems peaceful, These shots are very beautiful, Thank you for sharing.
Radica Sooknarine 2 years ago
This looks like such a lovely place! Beautiful photos!