Don't forget to check out their seasonal menu (Photo: Ryo Hayashi)
Jul 9th
Sep 1st
Don't forget to check out their seasonal menu (Photo: Ryo Hayashi)

Summer Fun at Tokyo Disney Resort 2019

New and returning events help you splash away the heat

Venue: Tokyo DisneySea When: Jul 9th - Sep 1st 2019

Summer has arrived at Tokyo Disney Resort and that means some splashing summer fun for the whole family under the Tokyo sun.

Pirates are taking over Tokyo DisneySea and at the center are the rivalry between Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa, from the long-running Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Guests are caught in the midst of their battle in the “Pirates Summer ‘Get Wet’” harbor show at the Mediterranean Harbor, and as the name suggests, they must be prepared to get wet. The pirates will show no mercy for those close to the stage, splashing and spraying water with fire hoses and buckets, so make sure you’re geared up and protect anything you don’t want soaked (rain covers for your camera is a must).

It may sound intimidating at first, but in the melting hot and humid summer in Japan, it’s certainly revitalizing.

Pirates Summer 'Get Wet'
Pirates Summer 'Get Wet' (Photo: Ryo Hayashi)

Two new entertainment programs make its debut at Tokyo Disneyland’s Castle Forecourt stage this summer. In the daytime there is “Judy and Nick’s Jumpin’ Splash” where Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from the Zootopia come out to “protect” the guests from the heat by soaking them with water. Again, there is no mercy here if you’re right up in front so make sure you’re prepared to get wet.

Judy and Nick's Jumpin' Splash
Judy and Nick's Jumpin' Splash (Photo: Ryo Hayashi)

In the evening comes the highlight of the summer event, “Oh! Summer Banzai!” featuring Donald Duck. Set in a colorful and exotic jungle, the show exhibits projection mapping on the castle and a spectacular use of flames and water along with the performances of Donald and his friends. The more guests are closer to the stage, the more they will get wet, if not soaked. Seeing Donald take the center stage is refreshing and the tropical-themed program seems like a perfect fit to blow away the summer heat.

Oh! Summer Banzai!
Oh! Summer Banzai! (Photo: Ryo Hayashi)

Tokyo Disney Resort’s summertime program runs until September 1st.

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Sherilyn Siy 4 years ago
The mist can amazingly lower the temperature by a couple of degrees.
Kim 4 years ago
Love that they thought of fun ways to cool down the audience!

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