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Wisteria at Ashikaga Flower Park

Wisteria at Ashikaga Flower Park

Apr 15th - May 23rd

Ashikaga Flower Park, wisteria blossoms during the Golden Week holidays—a photo story.

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Michinoku Park 11

Michinoku Park

Rebecca Daum

Michinoku Park has beautiful scenery, flowers, boating, and historical houses. It is a great place for a picnic or to spend the..

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Farm Tomita, Furano 10

Farm Tomita, Furano

Nicole Bauer

Farm Tomita is a fascinating flower farm near Furano in central Hokkaido, focussing on the cultivation of lavender and all kinds..

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Choshi Waterfall 7

Choshi Waterfall

JapanTravel Guest

A quick drive from the Saijo interchange lies the roots of Uzuigawa, Saijo's easternmost river. At its genesis is 30 m high..