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Big Buddha's Legacy in Nara

Big Buddha's Legacy in Nara

Andrew C.

Throughout many centuries, a pair of eyes have taken care of Nara. They belong to Big Buddha (Daibutsu), the biggest bronze Buddha..

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Horyu-ji Temple, Nara 8

Horyu-ji Temple, Nara

Lily Taki

Horyu-ji Temple in Ikaruga Town, Nara is famous for being the oldest wooden building in the world. Under the name of 'Buddhist..

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Shiratori Shrine

Shiratori Shrine

Matthew Eynon

Tucked away in the village of Nagara, a suburb of Tenri City, is a Shinto shrine named Shiratori that predates the Nara Period (710-794)..

One Day in Nara Park 22

One Day in Nara Park

Elena Lisina

Just one day spent in Nara Park can create a lot of impressions from its beautiful gardens, old temples and the special atmosphere..

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