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Okazaki Fireworks Festival

Fireworks Festivals or Hanabi-kai are some of the most spectacular festivals in Japan. Okazaki is one of those places which hosts such a festival every year on the first Saturday of August.

Toyohama Sea Bream Festival

It's like a Godzilla flick! Giant Sea Bream 18m long attacking & being chased by naked men! Before you call the army, this is Japan, & the Toyohama Sea Bream Festival.

Little World Inuyama

The presentation of several countries different cultures in this open air museum alongside the lush greenery lets you experience how it is to be in that particular country without leaving Japan.

Explore the Heart of Japan

Aichi, Gifu, and Mie Prefectures have beautiful views and rich history — all hidden in plain sight! Dig deeper into the "real" Japan through exploring these fascinating areas.