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Conveniently located 1 block from the Hondori shopping street, Round 1 offers bowling, karaoke, game center and other activities- open late and 24hours on Saturdays
A time to respect those who lost their lives and hope for a peaceful, war-free future for the world. August 6th is a significant day for anyone in Hiroshima.
Miyajima island is an island with a stunning floating shrine, giant tori gate and is a world heritage protected site. Top sightseeing spot in all of Japan.
Over a million people pour into Hiroshima city over the "Golden Week" holiday for 3 days of parades, shows, food and fun!
Enjoy a baseball game at Hiroshima new Mazda "Zoom Zoom" stadium a short walk from the main JR train station
Kumano produces 80% of Japan's calligraphy brushes- join this annual traditional celebration in honor of the humble "fude".
The city of Kumano is the number one producer of fude (brushes) in Japan.
The temple walk of Onomichi in Hiroshima holds more than the obvious. See what a talented artist did to revive a small section of town.