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Teshima Art Museum and Cafe

Teshima Art Museum was born from the visions of Rei Naito and the architect Ryue Nishizawa as part of the 2010 Setouchi Triennale of Art. Set by Mount Myojin near Karato Port, it is a space to meditate on nature and life itself.

Lee Ufan Museum, Naoshima

On the 'art island' of Naoshima in Japan's Kagawa prefecture, the Lee Ufan Museum showcases this Korean artist, whose simple yet striking works create a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Kanamaru-za Theater

Kotohira is home to the oldest operating Kabuki theater in Japan, the Kanamaru-za. It's fascinating to visit even when there isn't a show on.

Chichu Art Museum

The museum’s namesake is the amalgamation of two Japanese words, “earth” and “middle”, with the majority of the exhibits displayed under the earth.

Shikoku Mura Art Village

Shikoku Mura is a park consisting of traditional homes and buildings from around the island of Shikoku and reassembled here. Most are designated as cultural properties.