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Yosakoi is a dance festival in Kochi every August. It is a Carnival-like kind of party with a unique Japanese influence only Kochi can offer.
Downtown Kochi transforms every Sunday into a 1.3 km-long market. Full of interesting produce all grown locally, come see what this 300-year old market has to offer!
Kochi Castle is in downtown Kochi on Otakasa Hill, and offers a great place for a lookout over the city. You can also enjoy a picnic at the park or looking at cherry blossoms in the spring.
See the Pacific in all its mighty grandeur at scenic Cape Ashizuri
The self-made Sawada Mansion is an apartment building in Kochi, and a local icon. It represents the individualism of the Kochi spirit, and an example to the world of what a community should be.
Immerse in the beautiful scenery and the luscious greenery of Kochi Prefecture as you learn kamisuki from the master of washi, Rogier Uitenboogaart.
Katsurahama--much more than a beach. Enjoy stunning views of the Pacific, an aquarium, the Ryoma Sakamoto Museum, dog fighting, and more.
Kongofukuji is the 38th temple along Shikoku's 88 Sacred Temple Pilgrimage. Located at Cape Ashizuri, it is one of the most impressive, and one of the most difficult to reach.