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Ajimu Rural Homestay

The Ajimu Rural Homestay is a unique opportunity to experience Japanese farming culture. The peaceful atmosphere, farming experience, and kindness of the hosts will ensure a fun, edifying, and memorable trip.

Usuki Calling

A secret of Japan's island of Kyushu, the stone Buddhas of Usuki are just one of the mysteries of this lovely town. Gourmets recommend it for enjoying fugu blowfish at traditional restaurant Yamada-ya.

Beppu Park Cherry Blossoms

While hopping from one hot spring to the next, don’t forgot to pay a visit to Beppu Park where you can see many colorful cherry blossoms during the spring

Usa Shrine

Hachiman, the god of warriors, is a popular deity. There are many of his shrines throughout Japan, and Usa-jingū is the oldest of them all.