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One of Japan's most masculine driven festivals. Held in Okayama Cities Saidaiji Kannon-in Temples and in 2012 celebrated its 500 year anniversary. Be brave or go home.
Bizen Osafune Museum and Village is not just a place to view swords but its a village where the craft of sword making and metal crafting is still practiced today.
Sogenji Temple is located just 35 minutes from downtown Okayama City. Welcomes foreigners from around the world seeking to learn about the Zen sect of Japanese Buddhism.
Not far from Okayama is a place perfect for bicycle touring. It is called the Kibi Plain. The plain has a 17 Kilometer bicycle route that winds through charming rural landscapes. The bike route starts at Bizen-Ichinomiya station and after winding through rice fields, temples, and shrines, ends at Soja station.
Okayama is full of little gems often overlooked by the average traveler. One of these is Miyamoto no Sato, a small little village located near Mimasaka.
The Kibitsu Shrine is a gem of the Kibi plain, loaded with beautiful and tranquil structures, gardens and trees, history, culture and mythology.
The Bikan district in Kurashiki has a long history. It is home to many 17th century warehouses that sit along a picturesque river lined with weeping willows.