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Cook's Café

Bagels, coffee, and a unique atmosphere

Out here in sleepy Ehime, with its rustic charms and scenic countryside, it's certainly a rarity and a special occasion in itself to stumble across any restaurant serving foreign cuisine. Despite an abundance of coffee shops and cafés, the food choices (however much they might try to be international) are essentially Japanese. Because of this abundance, and the area itself, Cook's stands in quite a unique spotlight.

The cornerstone of uniqueness, and certainly its key draw, are the bagels. Yes, bagels, even here in little ol' Ehime! It's not just as if the selling of bagels alone is what makes Cook's special, for you can purchase bagels from local restaurant supply stores, Kaldi Coffee Farm, or a few cafés in the greater Toyo area; it's the variety in which they come. Cooked in the shop, they often have about as many flavors of bagels as you could desire. Cheese. Jalepeno, sesame seed, onion, blueberry, pumpkin, multigrain, and spinach are just a few of the offerings available! Granted, sometimes they might sell out of certain varieties, and some change from season to season, but you can still be gauranteed to have the biggest selection around!

Custom bagels aren't the only rare food item here, but flavored cream cheese abounds! Chive, onion, and blueberry, to name a few, can all be found on the daily menu. If cream cheese isn't your bag, never fear! Egg sandwiches, BLTs, and herb chicken are a more sustaining option to feed the stomach of weary travellers and locals alike!

Most people opt for the lunch, which includes any kind of bagel with your favorite toppings, be it cream cheese or otherwise. It also comes complete with a salad, and probably the most delicious French fries yen can buy! To top it off, your choice of beverage, which comes in nice hearty portions!

The atmosphere is quite pleasant, with a very earthy, antique-road-show vibe and a variety of comfortable seating options. Cook's is the kind of place where you can come and enjoy a long conversation with friends, and this kind of hang-out is what you will often see with other customers.

The only downside is, if you really do have a ferocious appetite, the price per food mass ratio is a little wanting. At busy times, the wait can also be quite long, but the nature of not being a microwave-fast-food restaurant makes it impossible to avoid these delays.

Located right in the heart of downtown, less than a kilometer from Aeon Mall, bar street, the City office, and train station, Cook's is easily accessible. Having enough parking for more than 10 cars doesn't hurt either!

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