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Doya Market is a Wonderland

A unique atmosphere and quality fish

Doya Market is a wonderland for people who are really into fish, bringing you delicious delights of every flavor, from the freshest local produce to the finest specialty bites.

When I visited Yawatahama for the first time, I went looking for a great fish and chip restaurant. After some Googling, I found this place with my family. If my sister hadn’t driven me to the place, I never would have known it existed. On the outside, it says simply “Doya Fish Market”, but in the right-hand corner of the window, it says “Seafood BBQ”. It has a very quaint little eating area off to the side of the seafood market. It’s clean and relatively quiet. Once we ordered, it only took a few minutes before our food was delivered to our table by the very friendly staff. We ordered the escargot and all I can say is delicious!!! The escargot was cooked to perfection — so fresh, it was sticky to the touch. The oysters on the other hand were a bit overcooked, but the fish more than made up for it. I will be back.

Yawatahama Port is located on the coast of Ehime, and Yawatahama’s fishing and marine products industry had flourished here for many years. The town offers a weekend fish market which is open to the public. Doya Fish Market offers a wide variety of fish and shellfish products, including Yawatahama’s regional specialties like horse mackerel or aji.

Yawatahama’s marine product industry extends beyond just fresh fish. The town also specializes in fish products including fish paste and fishcakes made from pureed white fish. Jakoten, or kamaboko fried tempura-style is very famous in the town. Ten means tempura and recently they’ve been promoting a new take on this old favorite, jako-katsu or jakoten cutlet. It’s interesting that the styles of cooking tempura is different in this region. The price is 50 yen for one piece of jako-katsu and simple jakoten. Seafood jakoten is 100 yen.

In the market, some fishermen were demonstrating how to make jakoten to attract more customers.

The unique atmosphere and quality fish make a visit rewarding. You’ll definitely leave satisfied.

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