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Mitsu's Okonomiyaki Granny

Okonomiyaki so good it doesn't need dressing up

No more than one minute’s walk from Mitsu train station in the North-West of Matsuyama, is a tiny, rustic, no-nonsense okonomiyaki joint with a sassy obaachan chef of local renown. Featured in the Matsuyama 2016 Okonomiyaki rally, this is the real deal. Turn down the street to your right after leaving the station, and you’ll find it on your right after about 100 meters.

As you sit and watch from one of the shop’s six stools, the okonomiyaki sensei will craft you some delicious Hiroshima-style Udon or Soba delights. With a flurry of spatulas and generous sprinklings of beef and cabbage, the okonomiyaki is soon sizzling away on it’s pancake bed. Finished with a generous brush of the shiny, umami goodness that is okonomiyaki sauce, the impressive mountain of food before you will somehow disappear, and you will leave with an extremely satisfied stomach. And all of this for only ¥750.

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