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Sangosho Restaurant

Good value meals with a fantastic view

Fuwari Michi no Eki is a popular spot on the outskirts of Matsuyama. With a good restaurant, an ice cream shop and a very nice beach nearby, it draws visitors all year round. Just across the road from Fuwari is another building facing the beach. This is Sangosho, or ‘coral’ in English, a popular café and restaurant offering a fabulous panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea.

I went to Sangosho for an early lunch on a fine day in early May during the Golden Week holiday. Fluffy clouds scudded across a blue sky and there was still a slight chill in the air. I went up the stairs to the restaurant and asked to be seated on the balcony outside. However, the glare of the bright sunlight off the white tables and a certain tingling of the forearms made me retreat inside, where I could still enjoy the view without the brightness and sunburn.

I ordered the Chikin Mayo Donburi—fried chicken with mayonnaise on a bowl of rice for 750 yen. Despite ordering early at around 11:30, it took a good while for the food to arrive. When it did, I was surprised at how voluminous it was. From the top down, the donburi comprised many large pieces of fried chicken, half a soft boiled egg, heaps of lettuce and other vegetables, and a bed of rice with a soy-based sauce. This came with a little dish of various stewed vegetables, all of which were very tasty, some pickles, a bowl of miso soup, a yoghurt flavored dessert, and a cup of green tea. Excavating the donburi was not an experience in haut cuisine by any means, but for a hungry hunter it was very satisfying. The menu made no mention of the side servings, so they came as a welcome surprise. The various mild curry and katsu items also enjoy a good reputation.

The restaurant itself is a pleasant place to be. There are a lot of potted plants, and care has been taken with décor. Sangosho offers several varieties of coffee, and there are little displays of coffee beans and sacks from Brazil. Undemanding classical music plays in the background. If you want to enjoy the spectacular view of the Inland Sea, Kashima Island, and the beach below without eating a full meal, you can order cake and coffee 300 yen.

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