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Yururi Café

Enjoy food and drink with your feet in a foot spa!

Onsen dining can be tricky. Sometimes you end up only having the option of buying udon at the same ticket-vending machine that you buy your entry into the onsen with. Others, usually the resort-type onsen, host an actual restaurant or chain izakaya, which can be quite noisy and crowded for a relaxing day at the onsen. For this reason, Yururi Café really stands out.

First of all, at a mountain-side onsen in the sleepy district of Komatsu, you won't be getting large crowds anyway. But what makes Yururi special is that you are sure to get food of both high quality and delicious flavor. The food, far from the kind purchased via vending machine, is all from the recipe books of Marubun. Marubun, a rare gem of Italian cuisine that can also be found in Komatsu, has pizzerias in three cities including Matsuyama. Yururi essentially paid to use these recipes and have their staff trained by the head cook of Marubun. So despite its location in a small onsen in a backwoods district of Saijo, the food is as gourmet as can be found in the big city.

The second draw to Yururi is much more apparent. As you enter the onsen, there's a free foot bath (like the one in Dogo, Matsuyama). However, this foot bath is actually considered seating within the café! This is a great place for foot-weary travelers, or of course anyone on the 88 Pilgrimage. If a drink is all you want, you can get fruit smoothies (seasonal flavors include yuzu, blueberry, and more) or some coffee that is also grown by the owners of the onsen!

The inside and foot bath stop serving food at two, but remain open for drinks and some desserts until five. The inside is a very cozy and invigorating place to dine, especially in summer or winter. The entire eastern side of the café is one large window looking out onto a beautifully serene garden in classic zashiki style. There's seating both on the floor and on seats, so if you feel like stretching out after a dip in the onsen, then you have the option.

Whether you're eating inside the building or at the footbath, you can be sure of quick service and respectable portions. Don't get caught eating pasta at some place like Joyful, at least not if you are in Saijo City's Komatsu district!

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