Japan Travel Video Collection

Travel videos from around Japan

Discover San'in

Discover the hidden sights of the San'in Region, with this video introduction of some of the top sights in Shimane and Tottori.

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Visit Ise Shima Toba

Find the secret spots hidden in Ise Shima Toba, including Ise Jingu shrine, the traditional Okage-Yokocho & Oharai-Machi districts and the Ama culture of the coastal towns.

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Tokyu Hotels - Omotenashi Across Japan

There is no shortage of hotels to choose from when planning a trip to Japan. But for travelers looking for an assurance of quality and comfort, there is no better choice than a Tokyu hotel. With numerous properties across the archipelago and a commitment to omotenashi, the Japanese spirit of unparalleled hospitality, a stay at a Tokyu hotel is sure to be a memorable one.

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Travelling in Japan with Credit Cards

Japan has long been considered a cash-based society, where many travelers struggle as it’s not always clear where they can withdraw money and some ATMs outside of big cities even have restricted access after certain hours.

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