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A contrast between tradition and contemporary culture

By Jillian Engelhard Fosten    - 1 min read

Harajuku is an area of contrasts, from the “pop-culture bazaar” along the street of Takeshita-dori to Meiji-jingu, a traditional Shinto shrine, nearby.

With plenty to feast your eyes on, Harajuku and the area surrounding are a great way to experience traditional Japanese culture and contemporary pop culture. If you are interested in living like a local, its worth walking around the Omotesando area where you can find amazing restaurants, beer gardens, and of course, great shopping. If you are a coffee lover then take a trip to Blauw Espresso on your way to Meiji Jingu. Blauw espresso has some of the best coffee in Tokyo.

When you are finished taking in the beautiful Meiji Jingu, have bite to eat at a local favorite, A Ze Michi. Don’t forget to walk down Takeshita-dori to experience the unusual vibe in this contemporary Japanese pop culture!

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Jillian Engelhard Fosten

Jillian Engelhard Fosten @jillian.engelhard.fosten863

Documentary filmmaker and photographer from California based in East England.

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Susan Tumanon 7 months ago
Kim 2 years ago
No shortage of great things to do and see!
Elena Lisina 2 years ago
This is one of my most favorite places in Japan. Great video!
Chris 2 years ago
What program did you use for the video? Real nice!
Sleiman Azizi 2 years ago
Nice work. Harajuku was one of my early "we're not in Kansas anymore" moments.