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One of the standard Japanese souvenirs which won the first prize in a souvenir contest: Iwako’s Fun Erasers! You can of course erase pencil marks, but you can also play with them.

Play & Erase with Fun Sushi Erasers
Sushi Erasers in our Rewards Store
Sushi Erasers in our Rewards Store!

Snow domes that showcase the Eri Inami style – learn more about this creative visual artist in our unique Photo Story!

Snow Dome Goods
Snow Dome

The memory of visiting Japan will live on for you after visiting one of the two locations of myT factory stores in Tokyo. They offer customize your own design T-shirts and you can choose from an unlimited amount of designs.

A delicious-looking must-buy souvenir to remember Japan.

Sushi Socks in our Rewards Store
Sushi Socks in our Rewards Store!

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