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Sushi Socks!

A delicious-looking must-buy souvenir to remember Japan

The end of every tourist's trip to Japan presents a major struggle - what souvenir to get. Japan's many intricately crafted ornaments are appealing, as are more practical products such as high-quality electronics and decadent snacks. These "standard" gifts are fine, but you might be feeling something a little more original. You'd want something either pleasing to the eye or practical (or both!) and resembles Japan; maybe you want a little humor in it too. And in addition to meeting all of the above criteria, you'd ideally want the souvenir to be affordable too. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Japan's perfect souvenir - Sukeno's Sushi Socks.

This must-buy souvenir was created by Sukeno, one of Japan's top producers of socks, and comes in 17 different varieties (including a very popular six-piece set), including tuna, shrimp, salmon roe, and even the California Roll. Not only are the ingredients designed in breathtaking fineness, these socks can also be rolled up to look exactly - I repeat, exactly - like a piece of sushi!

These irresistible souvenirs will make anyone who receives them happy - friends, family, and yourself. The patterns are not printed on to the socks but are knitted, making them extremely comfortable to wear. The name of the sushi in Japanese on the back of the sock, as well as the green line representing the layer of wasabi between the ingredients and the rice is further testament to the tremendous amount of attention to detail involved in making these eye-catching socks. And finally, the Sushi Socks are free-sized, so anyone can wear them, while Sukeno has promised kids-sized versions in the near future. Imagine a parent and child wearing matching Sushi Socks; what's more adorable than that?

Already taking Japan by storm and introduced on various TV shows, magazines, and websites, these socks are guaranteed to make you drool for a pair - not only because they are so sought after, but also because they just look absolutely delicious. Due to their immense popularity, some of them have sold out from time to time, so beware - like plates on a kaiten-zushi conveyor belt, if you wait too long they'll get snatched up by others!

Sushi Socks can be purchased at Tokyo City i and Moshi Moshi Box, both tourist information centers, as well as online on Amazon.

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