KITTE Marunouchi Building

The renovated Tokyo Central Post Office

By Manish Prabhune    - 3 min read

Tokyo Station is completely renovated now and the contrast on the Marunouchi side and the Yaesu side are really worth checking out.

While on the Yaesu side it is all about a grand new modern design, the Marunouchi side has been restored to the original 100 year old design. It is not only the Tokyo Station building itself, but also the nearby landmarks have undergone renovation and the Tokyo Central Post Office building was only completed in 2013. It used to be a relatively small 6-floor structure, which has now been extended to a 38-floor skyscraper housing commercial offices.

I was on a sales call at a client's office in the new JP (Japan Post) Tower building and that was when I noticed that the original structure had been transformed into an elaborate shopping and restaurant facility, which is connected to Tokyo Station by an underground tunnel. The shopping space is called KITTE Marunouchi (kitte in Japanese means "postal stamp") and hosts brands like Issey Miyake, G-Shock, the travel focused Muji to Go and many more. The semi transparent glass ceiling gives a beautiful ambience to the wedge shaped interior of the shopping complex. On floor B1 you can also find the Tourist Information Center Tokyo, where they have not only English but also Chinese and Korean speakers who can give advice, and they can assist with hotel bookings and ticket reservations.

The fifth and the sixth floor, named "Nihon No Omotenashi Floor", has multiple restaurants, from Italian to traditional Japanese and also a specialty restaurant serving Kobe Beef. I saw many people with their travel bags in the premises. So it seems that KITTE Marunouchi is becoming a place to go for food and shopping before or after traveling. Rightly so, as it is much more peaceful than the crowded Tokyo Station.

After having had lunch on the way back, I noticed an escalator which went up to the top floor observation terrace. I was lucky to be there on a clear day and Tokyo Station below was a really beautiful sight.

The garden floor has some more restaurants to offer and I think I will come back here and try the Mainland China restaurant. It seems to have a very good view of the station and I am sure it will be worth a visit in the evening when it's dark.

I usually try to stay away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo Station; however, I do enjoy shopping and dining in the Marunouchi area and the newly opened KITTE Marunouchi has been a good discovery.

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Peter Lin 5 years ago
Beautiful view from the observation terrace at night, with a great view of the bullet trains arriving at Tokyo Station