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Potasta is a Tokyo must-eat: healthy sandwiches overflowing with organic vegetables
Like other dead American franchises such as Shakey's and A&W, Mister Donut thrives in Japan
A+W is no longer a part of the Yum! Brands (KFC/Pizza Hut/Taco Bell) empire but thrives in Okinawa nontheless
Wanto Burger in Kobe is an affordable and fun place to sample Kobe beef and steak in a burger.
Costco in Shinmisato is a true example of real American pizza and a total bargain at that. ¥1450 puts a large pizza in your hand.
A cross between Starbucks and Burger King, It is a perfect Day at Mos Burger Minakuchi as Vegetarians and Meat lovers unite with a menu that keeps both parties happy, blending Japanese comfort, hospitality and chic with local ingredients and the love of burgers.