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Santa's Diner

Santa's Diner

JapanTravel Guest

A nice, simple diner-style burger joint in the Yashima area of Takamatsu. Great flavor, great price, and a robust menu of that delicious..

Kagawa 4
Climax Coffee

Climax Coffee

Kathryn Spoor

Climax Coffee isn't just a coffee house. Here you can enjoy everything from pancakes to pasta.

The Costco at Shinmisato

The Costco at Shinmisato

Andrew Kehoe

Costco in Shinmisato is a true example of real American pizza and a total bargain at that. ¥1450 puts a large pizza in your ha..

Saitama 2
Kua Aina Sandwich 8

Kua Aina Sandwich

Chris Barnes

Kua Aina is one of the most unique and tasty sandwich and burger restaurants you're likely to find in Tokyo. Based on the ..