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It is amazing how closely food and folklore is intertwined in Akita culture. Experience it all at Akita Dining
The Akita Citizens Market is where locals come to find out the freshest fish, fruit and vegetables.
Discover how you can enjoy handmade udon noodles with a family history going back to 1665.
Find out what true Akita chicken cuisine is like at Hinaiya
This family run eatery serves no nonsense Akita cuisine in a simple setting that is more like your aunt’s kitchen than a temple to fine dining. If you are hungry, iconic Akita dishes such as the Kiritanpo Set Meal is available at 1950 yen. It is an unique way to try Akita’s famous komachi rice on a stick. I tried another iconic local dish called Inaniwa Udon at 950 yen. Until the modern era in the late nineteenth century, Inaniwa Udon was quite rare, being consumed mainly by the Imperial Household and it can be difficult to buy in the markets at that time. Being flat and rectangular, it looks a bit like Vietnamese pho noodles.
This lakeside cafe specializes in sansai or wild greens with set courses from 1350 yen, all presented simply on white plates. You can’t beat this alpine mountains and lakes location for its unique greens and herbs, such as watercress, wasabi, butterbur, mushrooms, bracken fern as well as bamboo shoots. Butterbur may be useful in helping people with migraines and tension headaches, while watercress is full of anti-oxidants as well as gluconasturtiin, giving it a peppery flavor.
Mugendo Omachi Honten offers authentic Akita cuisine such as Kiritampo and Hatahata. Its also rather affordable with dishes going from 500 Yen and up