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About a week ago Food Insider has published the video of extra fluffy pancakes served in Japan and the world went crazy. Now, everybody wants to visit Cafe Gram and try this marvelous puffy goodness.
Chiyomoto is an old Japanese restaurant that regularly showed up in Hiroshige’s prints and then later in the photos of Italian-British photographer Felice Beato in 1864.
Try some tasty yakitori in Yokohama at Akiyoshi, a Japan-wide chain. Sit at the counter and watch all the action in the kitchen.
Try tako-sembei (octopus cracker) when visiting the Great Buddha and Hasedera Temple in Kamakura.  Strange but tasty treat for those who like weird Japanese food.
Jihei(治兵衛) is a casual soba shop along the main shopping street of Hakone-Yumoto. It is easy to drop in and enjoy soba there while you are waiting for your bus or train.
Yokohama Chinatown has more than 600 shops in only a 2500 square meter area. Passing through the entrance gate from any direction, you are in the middle of a passionate hot
Sukiya is a nationwide chain of fast food restaurants in Japan. With a great variety of beef bowls, curry, and other donburi, everything here is fast, easy, and delicious.
Vegetarian Japan - A short history of food and vegetarianism in Japan